Healthy Root Canal

This is the place to find out about Healthy Root Canal treatments. Root Canals--the standard or conventional treatments that most people fear, can be now replaced by healthier and more comfortable procedures that are currently available.There are procedures to heal the tooth nerve, or if necessary, replace it with a process called root calcification, where the dead nerve tissue is replaced with calcium compounds which mimic what nature does throughout life. An educated, informed patient is less apprehensive and fearful, and is better equipped to make decisions regarding his or her dental treatment.

Medical researchers are discovering some startling direct connections between the standard root treatments and chronic diseases and infections. The good news is that more and more practitioners are finding out about these connections, and are taking steps to find better alternatives for treatment.

Read on to find out more about this subject and the healthy options you may have.

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Holistic Root Canal
A holistic root canal is a root canal procedure that takes into consideration the effect it will have on the rest of the body.
Root Canal Issues
A discussion of root canal issues such as failures, re-infection, allergic responses, etc.
Basic Tooth Structure
The basic tooth structure and how the tooth and its root system develops
Avoid Root Canals
You may be able to avoid root canals with healthy, alternaltive treatments.
The Conventional Root Canal Treatment
How the conventional root canal treatment may be unhealthy for you
Negative Effects of Root Canals
Some of the negative effects of root canals are discussed here.
Alternative Root Canal Treatments
Examples of some alternative root canal treatments that may be healthier for the mouth and the entire body.
Root Canal Video
Video describing the dental root system and alternatives to the conventional root canal
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