holistic root canal

What is a "Holistic Root Canal?"

A brief explanation would be a procedure that takes into consideration the effect it will have on the rest of the body, and if it will have a healthy outcome.

Conventional root canals as they are performed today are not biologically friendly to whole-body health, or even oral health, for many reasons. As discussed elsewhere on this site, the compounds used, such as gutta percha (the root filling material), various toxic and corrosive root sterilizing chemicals such as formaldehyde and chlorine, and the mixed-metal restorations (crowns) that are placed over them, can all have very harmful side-effects to a patient, and wreak havoc with his or her immune system and oral health.

Re-infection and bone cavitations often occur after these conventional treatments as well, because of the weaknesses of the cement that anchors the conventional crowns, and because the gutta percha compound essentially cuts off vital circulation to the bone tissue surrounding the treated tooth, causing bone death.

A holistic root canal throws out these harmful substances and uses time tested, biologically friendly (biocompatible) calcium oxide and mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) to fill and seal the treated tooth roots. This may keep the circulation to the surrounding bone fresh and healthy, eliminating bone cavitations. The roots themselves are sterilized in a much more efficient and safe manner using a disinfecting laser, which needs no harsh chemicals or compounds to help it work. Biocompatible inlays or onlays are used when possible, and if necessary, biocompatible porcelain crowns are used in place of the mixed-metal variety.

These compounds and techniques are available, are time-tested and proven to work, and are friendly to the body's biological systems. That is basically what a holistic, or biologic, root canal is. There is a lot more information about it on this site--click through it to learn more about healthy root canals.

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